Top 3 Free Movie Apps for Android 2017

Watching free videos and movies on online is something no can trash it. In earlier days, we are forced to search on many sites that link take you to the ads to get the movie link. There also you can get the bad print. But now we have many special apps available to watch a movie. These apps have never broadcast the advertisements.

If you need to watch your favorite movie in a free of cost then you have to pick the best or favorite app. Most of the users like show box apk and also it is the best app for android mobile as well as for iPhone/iPad.

Top 3 Free Movie Apps for Android 2017

But there are many other apps also available in a market and we are all not aware all these apps. So here we have listed the top 3 free movie app for android mobile.

Cartoon HD: This app is suitable for Animation and cartoon movie fans. Cartoon HD app is fully focused on animation movie, but also including the non-animated movies. So this app will suitable for everyone. This app looks modest, big thumbnails and dark background help you to find the favorite movie title easily. The main feature like by all in the app is title update. If any link missing or bad need to be a report and the team will rectify it.

Vidmate: There are many free movie apps around the internet but the Vidmate is the most useful app used by many. You can do endless thing using this movie downloader. This app can also reduce your time to get the links and advertisements. It can take you to the movies directly to download and watch. It is also doing more to impress us by posting songs, memes, entire song album, Vimeo videos and also secure your files from others, if anybody accessing your mobile. Vidmate is 100% eligible for browsing facilities.

ShowBox: Showbox is one of my favorite apps. This app has more crowd when compare to other movie apps. The main reason for the crowd is its interface and color scheme. The main advantage of this app is you can queue the multiple movies, videos, and songs and then you can watch it. This app can also allow you to watch the TV shows in free of cost. The main advantage of this app is having huge collections to impress us. Mode of the music is Beta currently and expecting to full blown in this year. The movie can be downloaded and watched within the app at the same speed.

I will recommend this app to everyone and if you need, download showbox from free websites.