Top 7 Battle Tips For Clash Royale

Clash Royale is one of the great real-time strategy game which is available for the Android devices. Clash Royale has the more graphics work; it was lead to the fun and addictive game among the people.

Here you can come to know about the best battle tips, and this will help you a lot to play a better game.

Top 7 Battle Tips For Clash Royale

GGG Pull – When the Giant Skeleton lock into your tower? You need to place any one of the both Giant or Golem right in front of the targeted Arena Tower.

So Giant Skeleton starts re-targeting the Golem or Giant, then they will follow them and safely, move back your tower by using this method you can easily avoid the bomb damage.

Chain Pull – By using this chain pull technique you can pull troops to your opposite lane and also used to distract them. People can use this method with the help of both the buildings or troops.

Barrel Troll – You can place the barrel away from your arena tower to avoid any damages when your opponents, keep using the Fireball, Arrows, to kill your barrel.

Opposite Side Musketeer – The Musketeer is an incredible range which will allow the people to target a troop from an opposite lane. This will be the great option when you like to focus on attacking from the opposite lane.

Zap/Freeze – is an excellent choice for the people can use this option to reset the target of X- Bow. Example – If Mortar has locked onto my tower, but using zap option you can reset or re- target the bomb tower.

Use Fast Troops – This is the technique can use to push up the slow troops and help them to reach the tower as soon as possible. For Example – People can use the Goblins behind of the barbarians to rush as fast troops.

PPP Re – Target Push – People can use this trick when the powerful attackers have attacked them like Prince or Pekka. By using this option, retarget them even, they’ve targeted your tower.

Final Verdict

Not only the above tips for battle. It has a lot of tricks to be available, but the above points are most wanted and help you to play much better than before.

If unable to find Clash Royale in the play store. Just, use clash royale android apk file from the legitimate site which will be available for all Android devices.

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