How To transfer money using IMPS Transfer?

IMPS stands for Immediate Payment service. IMPS is one of the best fund transfer mode used by all the bank branches in India. In this mode we can transfer money to both inter and intra bank secure and fast. Beneficiary account can be created immediately in IMPS mode when money transfer request has send.

how to transfer money using imps

Service charges to transfer money transfer in IMPS is similar to NEFT fund transfer. This mode of fund transfer is available in 24*7 throughout the year even in Bank holidays. You can access IMPS anytime and anywhere. For all mode of transactions IFSC Codes are important. You can Find bank by IFSC code for all branches.

There are few steps that involves to transfer money through IMPS. Let us discuss detaily.

How to Transfer Money using an IMPS?

    Step 1: Login to your bank internet banking account with appropriate username and password.
    Step 2: Select Payment and transfer.
    Step 3: Select intra bank money transfer options.
    Step 4: Click IMPS and Payee from the list.
    Step 5: Enter the transaction amount, purpose of transaction and details
    Step 6: Then Click Next.
    Step 7: You will receive an OTP on the registered mobile number and enter it to complete the transactions.
    Step 8: Display screen shows that the transaction get completed.
    Step 9: You will also receive SMS regarding fund transactions.

Before adding beneficiary check the payee bank account IFSC code. You can Find IFSC code for all the banks and their branches from

Vimeo Is The Platform Of Creativity And Genuine Appreciation

Vimeo is comparatively new in this field of video marketing when you compare it to YouTube, but it has surely gained some popularity which makes it a viable option for everybody. Now we all know how tough the internet advertising is and it is not that easy to fool around with the customers online. Online they can verify the truth from thousands of websites.

Vimeo Platform

So even if you boast about your product there are several other sites which will come up with a neutral review of the product and the consumer will get to know whether you are promoting in the right way or not. Now when you have the product ready and want to promote it then which is the one platform where you think that your video will be appreciated and your product will also be promoted in the right way!

Vimeo is the platform that has been gaining confidence of many and has been emerging as one of the most popular choices for uploading quality video. In here your work will be appreciated and due respect will be provided. Moreover, you can also buy real Vimeo views for your video and give it the initial push that it requires to draw attention towards its own.

The focus is you

Vimeo allows you to upload videos of different format and in order to do so, you will be made available various tools. These tools will help you in creating breathtakingly amazing videos in High Definition. Once you are done with the uploading of the video you can share it with friends and families along with the world out there.

If you do not want everybody to view your videos then there are privacy settings as well to take care of that and sometimes it might also happen that you are not in the favor of your video steaming in certain areas therefore you can block them as well.

Vimeo is a place where you can grow when you start interacting with others in the community. Therefore, in order to achieve that you can subscribe to videos that you like and exchange messages with them. In order to make maximum people out there aware of your presence you can simply connect with them like this or you can buy subscribers.

If you are new to Vimeo and want to explore more about the platform then you can go through Categories to see what all are there which interests you. You can also join groups because it is one place where you will get plenty of viewers all at once and then browsing through channels which is organized by the theme is also one of the features that will help you a lot.

If you are the novice filmmaker, then you can take the help of Video School from Vimeo and sharpen the skills of film making. The lessons that you will get here are fun to learn and are friendly too, so once you go through the tutorials you will know how to get better in your body of work.

How To Gain SEO Advantage?

Every online business must utilize SEO services. For you to realize the power of SEO in boosting your online business, you need to learn a few facts. For example, 90% of those using the net will go up to 30 pages at most, when doing any research. A good number of internet users will use search engines in obtaining relevant information or websites. A good number of people use the internet to get the products they need. For you to gain SEO advantages here are a few tips you need to follow.

SEO Advantage

Web presence

Web presence means having reliable popularity or identification though a collection of websites or web files through the WWW (World Wide Web). Use of presence applications/software, instant messaging and Volps goes a long way. Search Engine Rankings This refers to website positioning when results of a particular search engine query appear. Websites with higher ranking tend to appear near or at the top. This shows the need for implementing pages that are search engine-friendly.

Website traffic

Website traffic forms part of a website profitability equation. When website traffic is multiplied by conversion, the results are the profits of your business. The term refers to the quantity or number of visitors received by your website. The targeted traffic is what is termed as quality.

Conversion rate

This is the ratio of potential buyers who completed a certain action as per the owner’s or webmaster’s instructions. The desired action tends to vary in form. It can involve email list membership, newsletter subscriptions, product sales, downloads, registration or any other activity excluding simple page surfing.

Why you need to do SEO

As explained by SEO consultants in Bangalore, if you own an online business, those visiting your site are your prospective customers. Having online visibility is important. It means your website needs to appear in the first page. SEO has various advantages you can take advantage of.

1. Increasing the number of visitors Many internet users utilize search engines when looking for services and products they need. Your business will be at a high advantage if your product or service appear at the top of search engine results.

2. Increased brand or product recognition SEO is a very effective way of marketing any business. In turn, this increases business credibility and sales.

3. Placement of relevant information More relevant details regarding the products of your business are placed on that website that will drive more traffic over time. Browser compatibility, better usability and accessibility are the key.

4. Measuring business performance SEO makes it possible for you to measure the performance of your business. This way, you will be able to develop appropriate strategy for your business. Being able to grab SEO advantage depends on individual hands. The success of your business will depend on the quality of SEO agency Bangalore, you need to select the right one to be more successful in your business.

Avoid SEO That Uses Wrong SEO Techniques

Everyone who looks for the SEO service in Chennai wants to ensure that their selected terms are always on the top. They all understand the benefits of having a high ranked website. However, what it is not clear is that there are many dangers that come when people start to practice wrong SEO strategies and techniques.

Wrong SEO Tactics

The right technique to use depends on the type of the job

It is good to understand the difference between black hat and white hat SEO. Some techniques may fit into a certain project while others cannot apply. If you understand the difference of these techniques and when you should use them, you will be able to understand what a SEO expert will be telling you.

A good SEO optimizer has to have experience through education, experience and tools that he should use for any project. When he has a project, the great SEO has to decide on the strategies, techniques or tools that are appropriate for a task that it is at hand. An optimizer has also to know the techniques that he should avoid using so that he does not put your website at risk in the long run.

If you have already put this in your mind, you may be asking exactly how you should choose the right SEO consultant and how to know if the strategies that are being used are safe for your site.

Get all the information you can on the SEO Company

It is good for the company that wants to hire a SEO consultant to ask for the references before they let the company start working on their project. As explained best SEO in Chennai, the references of the company are going to highlight SEO success rate, customer care, work ethic, techniques and strategies. There are also other traits which are needed to get good understanding of the SEO strategies. If the past clients of a consultant want vouch for the consultant, then it is going to be hard to use the same company.

While looking for the SEO consultant, search for the name of the company. You will find that there is more information on the company that you can get on the internet. While choosing the company, you have to look for the information about the affiliation, articles, press release and other information that can show you how the company works.

Ask for the company keywords and search them. This may seem as it is an awkward request, but when you do the research, it will be rewarding and insightful. When you find out how the company ranks, it will give you the insight of how your website is also going to rank.

While talking to the company, talk to other people like sales team but talk also to the person who works on the SEO because he is going to offer more realistic answers. You can also know the type of the SEO Company, if you learn about the organization they are affiliated to.

Common Facts Related To Web Traffic Development

The greatest way to create a website Search Engine Optimization friendly is to generate a central arrangement for all of web pages, articles and posts. When you use a natural pace of writing article titles in a positive layout and integrating definite information and knowledge in the content of an article or a post, SEO jobs will not be profoundly expensive and time consuming. The web users will in fact be able to modernize the progression of content writing for a website because they will already identify the basics they require to include into their web pages to make people desire to study and share the contents and posts with others.

Increase Web Traffic

Would you like to be more successful?

We have mentioned some enthusing facts and figures in the last paragraph. It will be better to consider the valuable tactics appropriate for your website or blog. Don’t make confusions because it is time to be confident with each and every step you take for the progress. Get ready to compete with the leading industry leaders. It is not a big job to compete with the tycoons. Everyone makes efforts to get success that’s why you will also utilize the successful approaches to win the competition.

Focus on Web Traffic trends:

Definitely, there will be prominent trends and fashions related to Web Traffic in your field. Every business field has its own trends and fashions. The users are strongly recommended to keep these things in mind whenever making a selection to obtain desired results. Don’t be worried about the techniques being used by others. It is not a big issue because everyone uses the Website traffic buy boosting techniques in a unique style. Focus on a unique approach or style to get the immediate effects.

Contact with Experts:

Don’t you have more knowledge about Web Traffic? People who don’t know the modern techniques to produce significant Web Traffic for the websites must contact with the online experts. Choose the experts after reading their profiles. Count the experience and technical knowledge of a person whenever going to choose him. Bring the previous web ranking and Web Traffic status of your website for the discussion. It is important for the experts to review the Web Traffic history of a blog or website to determine the gaps. After finding the gaps it is possible to find the best solutions available.

Try new things:

Forget the conventional methods and strategies. It is not necessary to follow others or you can buy real targeted traffic. Try a new method for the instant Web Traffic production. For example, numerous sports websites are using regular commentary in order to generate web contents for the users. There are so many interesting new ideas and approaches waiting to be utilized.

Decoration Ideas For Christmas

It is always a visual treat to watch the Christmas decoration. There is no end to fun as it includes wreaths, mistletoes. One of the inseparable part of Christmas celebration is the decoration, without which the festival will look color less and there will be no charm and warmth. For Christmas decoration whole family and friends come together.

One of the best and simplest decorations of the Christmas is the collect some empty boxes and covers them with colorful Christmas wrappers and or green blue and red color paper. You can also tie some ribbons around them. You can also hang some cute Christmas stockings as it makes the decoration look good. One can also cut the paper in the shape of candy canes or stockings and color them with color and stick it on the tree on around the room to bring theta festive feeling of Christmas.

Christmas Decoration Ideas

Even various battery operated candles are been sold out by some store. They look quiet radiant and beautiful around your home and also around the Christmas tree. You can also add up some little stars and bell and place them on windows and even on the Christmas tree. Also get some holly boughs and mistletoes and hang them up and see the magic it creates in this festival.

Hang some bunch of bells at the door. It feels very delightful to hear the jingles whenever people enter the house during Christmas. You can also decorate the candles with green and red ribbons. You can also hang up bell on the Christmas tree. The shimmer and shine of the bell can create the delight surrounding and you can also collect some more Christmas decorations.You can also get some Christmas lights for home for decorating from outside. You can also get lighted candles and some glowing bulbs. Even battery featured candles are available in the market which will suit the outdoors very nicely. You can also place a image of Santa at the entrance to welcome the people with great smile on their faces.

One can also play some Christmas carols in the background which can score the good complement the houses. The right Christmas song adds the best ambience to the situation. You can also make some cute bows for this particular day and then stitch it on the curtains or on the Christmas table. This idea of the decoration does not take lot of time but it will be fun doing this arrangements. You can rely on these ideas for the celebration on this festive occasion.

So now it is time to welcome the season of happiness and bring lot of happiness in the life of family and friends as it is Christmas time. This is considering being the merriest time of the year. One should leave all the worries behind and indulge into the celebration and Christmas decoration. Share all the joy and warmth with the people around you and spread love in the life of the near and dear ones.

New Year Traditions: Weird Ways of Welcoming New Year

Whenever New Year is around the corner, we start wondering what to have in our wardrobe for the New Year’s Eve? Nice dress? Jewellery? A good suit? Or what about an underwear? Well if we were in parts of South America, this question wouldn’t sounded so weird. In Sao Paulo, and other spots, people deliberately wear bright coloured underpants to ring in the New Year- red if they are looking for love and yellow for money.

New Year Traditions

It’s no wonder we all welcome New Year with such an enthusiasm. Here in India and in many other parts of the world the event is celebrated with lights and by taking the name of the god so that the New Year and new beginning should be successful and prosperous for us. In U.S the event is celebrated with lots of Parades, carousing and toasts. Some cultures though have more unusual ways of celebrating the New Year.

In many parts of the world people believe that the specific actions taken on the New Year’s eve or New Year’s Day decides the fate of the people ahead. In Philippines for example people believe that wearing polka dots and eating round fruits brings prosperity whole year ahead. In Spain people think that the year ahead will be prosperous by wolfing down handful of grapes when the clock strikes 12.

In many countries New Year’s eve is about leaving the bad memories of the past year behind so that we can vacant the space for new year to arrive uncorrupted and with prosperity. And to do this in many parts people use the purifying power of the fire in such ceremonies, for example in the Scottish festival of Hogmanay, parades of village men swing giant blazing fireballs over their heads as they march through the streets.

There are many more traditions of New – Year’s eve, which are very funny as well as weird. In South Africa people throw their old electronics out of the window to make a new starting and new way for new things. Some people are very fond of travelling, so to make their coming new year full of travelling, resident people of Colombia tote empty suitcases around the block. In Japan people wear a costume of the next year’s zodiac animal (in 2014: a horse) to the local temple, where bells chime a sacred of 108 times.

In Denmark, Denmark people welcomes the New Year by hurling old plates and glasses against the doors of the friends and relatives houses. They also collect together in mid- night and jump off together from chair leaping into the new month of the New Year leaving bad spirits and memories behind and bring good luck. At midnight on New Year’s Eve, it’s customary in Spain to quickly eat 12 grapes—one at each stroke of the clock. Each grape supposedly signifies good luck for one month of the coming year. In Madrid, Barcelona, and other Spanish cities, people congregate in the main squares to gobble their grapes together and pass around bottles of cava.

Diwali Festival – The Festival With Historic Essence And The Significance Of Light

The history of the festival says that the festival is a festival of lights and joy. The joy in the festival has a specific reason according to the historical support that the festival gets from the oldest epic on the earth, the Ramayana. Rama was the prince of Ayodhya, a province of ancient India and was born to King Dasarath and queen Kousalya. King Dasarath had two other queens also named Kaikayee and Sumitra.

Diwali Festival

Kaikayee was being motivated negatively to believe that her son Bharat should become king and for that Rama should be sent to the woods. She managed to get that sentence from the king and Rama went to forest, who was assisted by his wife Sita, and his brother, son of Sumitra, Lakshmana. In the woods, Sita was seen by Ravana, the symbolic figure of lust and illusion and he made her captive. Rama had to give a fierce fight with Ravana to make his wife free and win over the lust of the human mind.

Light decoration and meaning

Indians have always considered light as the symbol to dissolute the darkness and they refer that the darkness of the mind is due to the lagging of consciousness and this consciousness is the key to enlighten a mind to understand the life, world and the truth underlying the universe. Ravana is referred to be the symbol of that darkness, who envelops the mind of the human with illusion and wrong thoughts and misunderstandings, and thus the entire world starts running after those illusions and makes himself away from the truth of the world.

Thus the decoration of Diwali becomes prominent with the lights. The light is the symbol to open the windows of the mind to get the darkness of the mind due to the illusion and greed and the false egos goes away with the light of truth. So the light here means the light of the truth and not the light of the discos. The light of consciousness is neither too bright and nor too dark.

The best solution in that case is the light show of the diyas or candle. The light of them are smooth and pleasant. They produces warm which is very insignificant, but the light illuminated is a patient one and also a decent one. The extraordinary lights here in this Diwali festival are not only useless, but are worthless. The soft and patient lights of the diyas makes the entire environment turn into a peaceful situation with the shade of light within the darkness.


Lights are always the symbol of prominence as the makes the entire circumstances and the environment very much clear to the vision of a person. The lights are even beautiful when placed all over the room. The placement of the light is also very much important both from the view of the philosophy and from the view of science.

A proper illumination of the light makes the room enlightened with glory and when the light is of Diya, then the glory seems to be a pious one also. The piousness of the house or the room can thus be maintained with light and thus lighting Diya on the Diwali nights is not only the decoration by lights but also by piousness.

Great Hosting Service At A Meager Pricing In HostGator

You are suffering from downtime in your website at a regular interval and are losing out viewers due to this! You also have called your service provider thousands time, but no one is answering your calls neither anybody is reverting back your calls! If you have been facing this situation for long then it is high time that you change your web hosting service.

HostGator Hosting Service

Your site must be important for you and if due to some negligence of web hosting service you are losing out your viewers then you must make the shift immediately but cautiously because you don’t want to repeat the same mistake again. So this time go online and do your research well and make sure that you know what features are being offered by whom and at what prices.

It is not important that you, the cheaper web hosting service cannot perform well because then you will be absolutely wrong in your judgment. HostGator is one name which offers some of the greatest features at the lowest price in the market. Moreover, they make available some HostGator coupons which lower the price even more. If you are not sure which coupon code will be helpful for you than once, you complete the billing you will be handed over the best suitable coupon for you which will be really beneficial for you.

Transferring made easy

Now when you are shifting from one web hosting service to the other then you also know how difficult it is to transfer so many details. You might be scared of the huge amount that you have to pay in transferring the domain from one web hosting service to the other. HostGator will help you in transferring all the files that are involved in your site and all those important data that is part of your website for free of cost.

Moreover, your setup will also be made fast and easy with HostGator promo code. The reseller account also gets a coupon to enjoy some savings in their budget. When you are getting a discount it is always a thing to rejoice and this is where HostGator is different from other web hosting service. They know if their customers are happy then they will spread the word of mouth themselves and the company won’t have to invest much in advertising.

Though advertising is important, but there is no bigger advertising than word of mouth and that too when it comes from happy and satisfied customers. When someone is already using your services, then it becomes easier for them to explain it to others the services that you provide. If you are marketing something online then you can send referrals too, and this way HostGator will provide them with amazing hosting services as well and in return you will be rewarded with some money.

So at the end everybody turn out to be a winner with these referrals because you are getting money, HostGator is receiving customers and the new customer is getting excellent service and support. It also lets users read about HostGator hosting review.

6 Famous Novels By Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhaghat is one of the best story and novel writers in India. Everyone likes him very much because of his way of writing. Like every one of his fans, I have read a lot of his novels from my college days. His novels and stories make us believe that the characters in them are real and his writing style will make us never to forget those characters. Most of his stories would coincide with our real life and it would make us to think about our life in quite a different way.

In this list which I have given below, I am pointing out some of the best novels written by Chetan Bhaghat which have inspired me very much. Let’s take a look at them. Also, if you would like to get list of other useful and informative things, visit my pals website Top Lists For Everything!

Chetan Bhagat Novels

1. Five Point Someone

Five Point Someone is one of the best novels from Chetan Bhagat and it is the most selling novel in India written by an India. It is good book for the all the readers, but for students it is special. It made feel responsible while I read this book during my college since it made me to think about the right path or decision in need to take in life. People who are scared about their studies and their future should read this book.

In this book, the writer Chetan Bhaghat describes about three hostel mates Hari, Alok and Ryan and their the frustrations with studies and real life. The ‘3 Idiots’, a Bollywood movie and the ‘Nanban’, a Kollywood movie were made based on the story of this novel.

2. 2 States: The Story of My Marriage

In 2 States: The Story of My Marriage, Chetan Bhagat describes the love between Krishna and Ananya, a boy and a girl from different parts of India. They loved each other very much and they wanted to get married but their family doesn’t accept their love and they are struggling to make them accepted.

The story of this novel was adopted in the Bollywood movie ‘2 States’ casting Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. The story described here in this movie/novel is a real one and it occurred in Chetan Bhagat’s life.

3. Revolution 2020: Love, Corruption, Ambition

In Revolution 2020: Love, Corruption, Ambition book, Chetan Bhagat describes the life of three characters: Gopal, Raghav, and Aarthi who are all friends from childhood. In these three, Gopal and Raghav are very intelligent boys. While Gopal wants to make use of his intelligence to make money and Raghav want to use his intelligence for creating revolution in everything. To make the story more interesting, they also loved the same girl. The novel is a pretty good one and everyone will love it.

This novel is going to be adopted in a Bollywood movie with Arjun Kapoor as the lead actor. In this book, the author mentioned the three things love, corruption and Ambition which has crossed everyone in their life.

You may also read: 6 Best Novels of the Last 20 Years

4. What Young India Wants

In What Young India Wants, Chetan Bhagat is asking hard questions to the society of India “What They Really Want To Have a Good Country and Life”. He asks plenty of questions including the suicides of students in different colleges, Political parties’ unity, corruption in India, our right to vote and why we are different even if we love India.

All these questions which he has asked, was always in our heart and it’s time to find solution to make India and our life prosperous.

5. The 3 Mistakes of My Life

The 3 Mistakes of My Life is the best novel of the lot from Chetan Bhagat. In this book, he describes everything about the city of Ahmedabad. The story starts with three boys named Govind, Ishaan and Omi who are all best friends. Ishaan has a younger sister in this story and she is named as Vidhya. In this story, the author uses Govind as the narrator and center theme. Here he mention all the three mistakes done by Govind which are paying huge advance for a shop which isn’t open, falling in love with Ishaan’s sister Vidhya and dived too late to save Ishaan due to his own selfishness.

6. One Night @ the Call Center

Chetan Bhagat’s while traveling in a train found the story for “One Night @ the Call Center” book from a girl who was traveling with him. She said to him the story of the six people who are working in call center during night and the calls they get from the different clients and they conversations they will have. She also explained that night they got a call from the god, which is quite dramatic and remarkable. They got the call from the god during one of their shirt and it was unexpected. This book will certainly fascinate you. Just grab it and read it to get the essence of this story.

These are the best books of the Chetan Bhaghat which always makes me to remember his talents, skills and innovative thoughts.