Android Rooting – The Quickest Way Without A Computer

It is a very tedious and time-consuming process to root your android phone. You may get a hang of rooting sooner or later and might do it in a jiffy later on, but for a new user, it takes time to understand the non-standard process that’s so much different for every mobile phone model. This write-up will showcase an app called Framaoot that requires lesser time and can be done the convenience of not requiring an additional device like PC or laptop to root your android phone.

To begin with, Framaroot is a one-click application. It has the capability in order to root any android phone almost instantly. Moreover, it is not like the traditional rooting methods where you turn on the Android Debugging (ADB) and issue commands via the command prompt of your windows PC or laptop via a USB connection. This app takes the android rooting experience much farther.

Android Rooting

Framaroot was developed by a top developer called alephzain on the XDA forum – the most renowned forum for android threads and latest news and updates amongst app developers and android users. With one click, this app can install the SuperUser and SU binary on your android phone. Framaroot is greatly backward compatible – as it supports android from versions 2.0 to 4.2, making it universally an acceptable and widely acknowledged method to root.

Framaroot user has six safe and major exploits to root your android smartphone. These are Frodo, Sam, Boromir, Gimili, Aragon and Gandalf. As you might have already guessed it by now, yes, these are the names of the characters in the Lord of The Rings movie and the app developer himself being LOTR fan, it could be expected from him.

It is a great dilemma for the users on android platform whether to root their android phones or not, but once rooted, is the only time when you shall be able to explore your android to full potential and rock solid capabilities. Unleashing the performance of the phone to restore the hidden capabilities like a charm is one thing that every android user might like to see, due to which it is seen that users readily accept and go through the painful process of android user; which is no more painful due to Framaroot introduction.

The steps to use Framaroot for rooting are pretty straightforward. Download a suitable package .apk for your phone. It is essential that the .apk that you download is copied and exists on your phone memory. Click on the .apk file and proceed towards installing the Framaroot application. Then choose the option to install SuperUser inside Framaroot.

You can select any of the exploits that appears inside the app at this stage of android rooting. Then you’ve to wait for some time. You will see a message that rooting is successful, with confirmation of SuperUser and SU binary installation successful. You will be prompted to reboot your device. In case the rooting is a failure at this stage, simply try with some other option of the root exploit and you shall be successful.